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Accept the Pleasures and Pains of Life to Make It Beautiful

In this busy world today, mankind is always in a hurry. Due to this hurry, they are always competing with each other, and in the process, it is definite that one will win and the other will lose. When a person achieves something or wins, he or she gets a feeling of excitement and achievement, but when it's a loss, it can be a feeling of being doomed or becoming pessimistic. It is a known fact that on this earth when the sun rises in one part of this hemisphere, the other part is in darkness. The same fact applies to life too, there are both sorrows and pleasures in life. We all experience them in one way or another. It's not fun, it's just real. It's not fun, it's just real.   -Matt Crump So...Life is like a boat sailing on the sea that never seems to just flow. A child is lightly smacked at birth because only then do its lungs begin to function. In fact, tears are as necessary for a person as oxygen itself. In excessive happiness, tears can still trickle down your

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